Image for Apple iPhone Camera Will Disable When Filming Gigs?The Apple fun police come to the aid of concert broadcasters.

Apple iPhone Camera Will Disable When Filming Gigs?

Written by Brayden Darke on June 17, 2011

The days of capturing that special moment of time and atmosphere, while watching a favourite band play could be over. Apple is developing software that will sense if a smartphone users camera is trying to record a live event, and switch it off.

A patent was filed 18 months ago, which would see venues install infra-red sensors that will trigger the camera to shut itself off, and prevent the footage being captured. Only the camera functionality will be disabled, other features such as texting and making phone calls will still work.

Apple are developing the technology to help broadcasters with exclusive filming rights to festivals and events stop being beaten by amateur footage hitting the internet, only hours after the event.

Although it’s likely the technology might not come around just yet, this could end up being another challenge both record labels and average music lovers face in a debate over what is ethical, and what stands to be a genuine illegal practice.

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