Image for Biffy Clyro Share Snarling New Single ‘Flammable’

Biffy Clyro Share Snarling New Single ‘Flammable’

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 6, 2016

As they slash and burn their way through the creation of their seventh studio album, Ellipsis, Kilmarnock three-piece Biffy Clyro have unleashed a snarling example of what’s what for us with new track Flammable.

Flammable is framed in the band’s trademark brooding harmonies and surgically-precise riffage but it’s a new beast altogether, compared to anything from 2013’s Opposites. Dare I say, Biffy Clyro have an axe to grind with Ellipsis, so we can expect a degree of carnage come its Friday, 9th July release date.

Things did seem to get a little rocky for the band off the back of their 2013 album with a series of live performances called off due to frontman Simon Neil’s health concerns. In the months after, Neil would go onto tell NME that he was in a horrible headspace when he began writing the new album, with a fair few people close to the musician passing away.

“It’s just the way I am. I’m always going have a bit of trouble convincing in here [taps his head] that everything’s going alright, when it is going alright. I needed to shed a skin in a serious way last year. We’d done more things than I could ever have dreamed of and I still felt slightly unfulfilled and unhappy.”

Now just we can just strap ourselves in and wait for that inevitable and amazing tour announcement.

LISTEN: Biffy Clyro- – Flammable

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