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Jay-Z Raps Non-Stop For Six Hours In The Name Of Art (And Promo)

Written by Sarah Bella on July 11, 2013

Jay-Z is getting his performance art on, with the man behind Magna Carta Holy Grail performing his track Picasso Baby for six continuous hours in New York City’s Pace Gallery in front of a delighted crowd, with filming taking place for an upcoming music video.

And Mr Carter upped the ante by getting renowned performance artist Marina Abramovic in on the act. Below you can check out these Vines of the pair forehead to forehead, with Jay-Z rapping at the woman often described as “the godmother of performance art”.

Art seems to have had quite the influence on the album, with Jay-Z referencing contemporary artist Jeff Koons, fashion designer Tom Ford and the artistic voice of our generation, Miley Cyrus. He also mentioned that he had “6 pieces of art” planned for promotional videos for the new record in a recent Q&A – presumably this is one of them (or possibly all six, an hour at a time).

Magna Carta Holy Grail was released earlier this month. Never one to play by the rules, Hov’s twelfth studio album features production from 16-year-old WundaGurl, lyrics from Nirvana‘s Smells Like Teen Spirit and raised privacy concerns about its release via a Samsung Galaxy app.

(via Complex)

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