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Listen To New Pearl Jam Single ‘Mind Your Manners’

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 12, 2013

Pearl Jam have returned to our speakers with new material for the first time since 2009 in the form of Mind Your Manners. The single marks the beginning of a new era for the grunge icons, as the countdown has now begun for their just revealed 10th studio album Lightning Bolt.

It doesn’t take long for Mind Your Manners to kick in. After a few bars of build up, the track remains a non-stop riot relying on the relentless drumming of Matt Cameron, the shreddage of Mike McCready and the always mean chops of the Vedman in equal parts. The wall of sound all comes together for the big Pearl Jam chorus we’ve come to know and love.

The track came in a triple-blow from the band who also revealed a list of tour dates at the end of the countdown as well the international release date of Lightning Bolt, also via the use of a countdown.

Those who have been paying attention shouldn’t be too surprised by the new single as at the start of June, the tracks arrival was accidentally leaked. The listing was removed but only after the whole world saw it.

Now would be the perfect time for you to brush up on new Pearl Jam – the band are heavily rumoured to be touring here at the start of next year.

Listen: Pearl Jam – Mind Your Manners

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