Image for Matisyahu Kicks Female Photog In The Face ‘Too Much Flash’

Matisyahu Kicks Female Photog In The Face ‘Too Much Flash’

Written by John Ritchie on December 24, 2011

According to TMZ, Jewish rapper Matisyahu allegedly kicked a female photographer in the face during a gig in Brooklyn earlier this week.

Rebecca Smyne who was shooting the show claims the rapper kicked her in the face and broke her camera, tweeting:

I was just attacked by Matisyahu calling cops pressing charges. Wtf! He kicked me in face and broke my camera!!!!!

A following tweet claims she was paid cash by Matisyahu’s manager for the incident:

I’m ok; after cops showed, matisyahu’s manager, who witnessed the incident, gave me a fat stack of cash to cover damages. Happy hanukkah!

Matisyahu, posted a tweet to Rebecca:

sorry about last night.I totally snapped.I wouldn’t call it a kick, more like stepping into the crowd…being that you’ve shot so many shows you should know how distracting a huge flash in your face is.

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