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Mum @ Worldbar December 17th

Written by Andrew Green on December 15, 2010

This Friday is the last MUM for 2010 and we’ve selected some of our favorite acts from the year gone to close things out.

IDEA IDEA are sooo good! A combination of squelching bass sounds, various electronic noises and a voice cuter than if the cat on the cover of THE KLAXONS album could speak put these guys in my top 5 for the year. Go hit their vimeo page for some filmclips that would make KANYE cry in envy.

I didn’t even make it a minute into THE PRIORY DOLLS song ‘Me and My accelerated Friends’ before I decided that I fucking loved it, I loved the creepy vocals, I loved feeling like I was in an episode of TWIN PEAKS; I’ve got a mild boner in anticipation of seeing these guys and you should too. If you don’t have a boner then borrow someone elses or you can borrow mine when they play in the back bar this Friday.

THE TSARS are like the Hunter S. Thompson shelf in the puffin classics section – full of psychedelia and punk attitude; and the isle is jammed with obsessive fans. And it will be LEEROY MACQUEEN & THE GUSSETS last show as residents at MUM. These guys have played nearly 10 times for us this year and it’s not just because we love it when Leeroy leaves our microphones flavored with dick after he puts it down his pants it’s because they are true rock n roll.

We’ve also got THE SHOOTERS PARTY who will be tapping out some rockabilly tunes and JULIA WHY who gos as far away as possible from the cliche sound expected of a cute girl doing indie music… oh and we’ve got GRAMS and MUCHO MACHINA and a bunch of DJs including Walkie Talkie Animal Chin (who will be playing in the VIP bar at FALLS FESTIVAL as MUM DJs), Swim Team DJs, 10th Avenue, D-Train, Kitty Munroe, Biff Bang Pow, 16 Tacos and Cries Wolf DJs.

MUM will be back on Friday January 7 with 8 more amazing bands, a million more super fun indie DJs and cheap drinks all night for Students.

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