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Mum @ Worldbar, Friday 21st January

Written by Andrew Green on January 19, 2011

Well well well well…

I don’t know where I was going with that so I’m going to jump straight onto VIRGO RISING kind of how you jump onto a soapbox and tell you how they’re playing at MUM on Friday January 21. VIRGO RISING sound like Summer, it’s a pity that they’re not from SoCal because if they were they’d be uber rich thanks to bloggers over there hyping summer sounds all the time.

Now I’m going to jump onto TIGER CHOIR who are from Hobart! Yep Hobart and they’re f&cking rad, as in so rad they’re playing at CAMPUS A LOW HUM in New Zealand next month. Go Google that shit so you can be two years ahead of your friends – it’s the next Meredeth/Golden Plains.

More jumping, this time with RED INK (lucky I’m not wearing white). These guys ooze cool and ink. I like their filmclip for the indie pop tune ‘Catching a Killer’ they trash a car, hopefully it will be the opposite kind of trashing they deliver our PA in the back room or I’m going to measure those f*ckers up for concrete boots.

Imagonna keep on jumping into Loon Lake who’re a late addition to the lineup but we do it cause we like them, just like fashion label MILK AND HONEY likes them so much they used their tunes on some promo vids featuring RUBY ROSE.

This jumping is keeping me fit, sometimes I jump when I’m uncontrollably aroused but I’m in a location where it’s unacceptable to do so, kind of like back bar at MUM when I’m watching Saloons who have crush worthy members of both genders.

Now I’m going to jump up a lot of stairs into the Bordello and tell you that THE FUTURE PREHISTORIC have a damn cool Flamingo in the artwork and that PARAPLUIE and BIG DUMB KID are playing thanks to Rad Reg’s booking skilllz.

I can’t be arsed jumping onto anything else so here’s a list of your selectors or Dee Jays as they like to be called… Walkie Talkie, Glen be Trippin, Swim Team DJs, Kapow, Bobby Six & Meowcat, Jack Shit, Nude DJs, 10th Avenue and Meekins.

Oh yeah it’s pretty decent value too. If you’ve still got a VALID STUDENT CARD like I do 2 years after you finished fulltime uni then you get in for free before 10pm and only $10 after.

Mum every Friday @ Worldbar Kingscross

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