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Soundwave Promoter Says Big Day Out 2014 Lineup Is “Truly Epic”

Written by James Arnold-Garvey on July 16, 2013

In the lead up to the all-important Big Day Out 2014 line up announcement, Soundwave and Warped Tour promoter AJ Maddah has tipped his hat to Big Day Out CEO Adam Zammit, saying that the rival festival’s 2014 roster is “truly epic”.

Maddah and Zammit have been having something of a Twitter love-in over the last day or so, with the pair tweeting back and forth at each other in a flurry of textual back-slaps. Made aware of Zammit’s claims that he was “pretty sure our line up will even have AJ coming”, Maddah conceded that these were no idle challenges, saying, “No. He is right. BDO line-up is truly EPIC.”

Though Maddah was a little miffed at Zammit’s challenge, claiming “he knows I go every year!”, he was also quick to confirm that “Yes, BDO headliners are SUPERB!”. Zammit replied that he only said what he did because Maddah “plays hard to get while I play hard to want”.

The conversation didn’t end there. When AJ was questioned by a follower about whether he might know something others didn’t in regards to Blur “forgetting” Australia on their recent tour, Maddah’s reply that “I know a lot that you don’t! ;)” was met with a pithy “and everything he doesn’t know he tells me!” from Zammit, who then requested that Maddah add Turin Brakes to the bill on this year’s Harvest.

The lineup announcement for Big Day Out 2014 is expected at 8pm on 31st July. There have been very few clues as to who to expect on the bill, though Big Day Out have described next year’s festival as “the lineup to end all lineups” and Zammit himself has mentioned that “two of the headliners have never played an Australian festival before”.

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