Amanda Palmer

Goes Down Under
March 4, 2011

Amanda Palmer’s love affair with Australia has been recorded on disc with an album of some of her more funniest material to date. Always known to add spice and humour into her songs, this album could almost be a music comedy record as she describes her disdain for vegemite and how she would end a relationship based on his fondness for the “foul death paste”.

Yet, it doesn’t stop her leading us through our most iconic advertising jingle ever We’re Happy Little Vegemites. (I know as you’re reading this now, you’re singing the song in your head!)

Opening with jazz cabaret classic Makin’ Whoopie performed entirely on her trusty ukulele. Australia is her love song to the country that have embraced her music and not to leave the kiwi’s out New Zealand is not so much a love song but more a song about her period but as she says “That’s what you get when you ask me to a write a song in 20 minutes!” Map Of Tasmania has a different approach for Amanda Palmer being a electro alt-dance number about showing off her….well…map of Tassie.

Most of the tracks are live from her many shows around the country including her second home, the Sydney Opera House. In My Mind features a Dresden Dolls reunion with Brian and Mikelangelo guests on the macabre track Formidable Marinade which is about ghastly horror love song.

The album rounds out with a beautiful version of Nick Cave’s Ship Song. Doesn’t get more alternative Australian music than Mr Nicholas Cave.

This is a fun and enjoyable album that captures Amanda’s often theatrical live show. Her homage to Australia is not sarcastic or patronising but endearing to her love for Australian audiences. Amanda Fucking Palmer….give her citizenship.