Black Kids – Partie Traumatic

The Black Kids are the flavour of the month at the moment. Their bi-curious single I’m Not Going To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You has seen them cash in on society fascination with Lesbianism, along with Katy Perry.

Anyway, it’s unfair to say they’re shit just because on one song. They’re shit because the album is shit. Honestly there is only so much whining faux British accent I can take. The band is from Florida but they sing like they’re English. It seems a penchant for lady loving isn’t the only thing these turd wranglers have in common with Madonna, the skank!

The whole album is just an extension of the single. If you like the single, by all means go out and buy the album, just be sure to drop your stereo in the bath with you when you go to listen to it.

It is admittedly well produced, and they aren’t unskilled as musicians, but this is just so uninteresting compared to the indie bands coming out of England like Late Of The Pier or Hadouken!

The lyrics are the real downfall however, “listen to your body tonight, it’s going to treat you right.” The funniest thing is that they consistently rhyme ‘-ight’ words throughout the album. Seriously, you couldn’t find a rhyming dictionary.

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