Blue King Brown ft Queen Ifrica
Women’s Revolution

Written by Jason Strange

Opening with some Jamaican reggae dub, Blue King Brown’s first single from their soon to be released album Worldwize is a positive and socially aware track about the struggles of women in the world. Their social message is given added weight with the collaborative offering of Jamaican reggae artist Queen Ifrica, who combined with Natalie Pa’apa’a’s voice, gives the track a strong dub flavour.

What I love about this band is how they can combine their social commentary with excellent blues and roots music that inspires rhythm, inspires movement and inspires change. Blue King Brown are clearly passionate about what they create musically. This track is no different. Even with its strong and clear message, the track still has groove and still encourages you to get up and dance. The band display a belief that you can still have fun while trying to educate audiences to some of the plights in the world. It’s a mix that plenty of other bands and artists attempt, but sometimes fail to achieve.

For those who have never taken in Blue King Brown, think acts like The Cat Empire, Michael Franti and Ozomatli. They are infectious, funky, powerful and talented. They explain their beliefs and concerns eloquently through music without sounding preachy or uninformed. ‘Women’s Revolution’ is a beautiful example of Blue King Brown’s work. Given the strength of this song, the album (due in August) will be another cracking disc from the group.

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