By Your Side
October 6, 2012

French electro producer/DJ Breakbot has released his debut LP, titled By Your Side. It combines the signature sounds you would come to expect from an Ed Banger Record, voyaging deep into the funky seas of synth pop – with a buoyant romantic twist. Having built a reputation for his French touch on remixes to the likes of Justice, Metronomy, and Royksopp over the years, it was only a matter of time (and some time it was) until we saw an original feature record.

They say that French is the language of love, and this Frenchman has no problems translating his tenderness into 14 optimistic tracks. It preludes with an elevating tune called Break of Dawn, which lays down the rules of engagement for this record. It then falls straight into the popular single Fantasy, which features Ruckazoid on the vocals. It screams to the soul of Michael Jackson, but who’s complaining? It is a well manicured and produced affair, succinct throughout the album.

Breakbot, a true purist in style, doesn’t give an inch. Baby I’m Yours is a dance floor romance original that is sure to please. Delivering a faultless boutique funk pop sound with such affluence. Close your eyes, and you can see the 70’s discothèque in full swing – flairs to boot. It’s not all funk though. Pianos and guitars cheerfully stroll through this bubbly electro-pop composition.

Thibaut Berland, aka Breakbot, has built a glittery inferno with intention to inflict disco-related injuries and broken hearts across the globe. This quiet achiever is no stranger to our shores. Thibaut has been building quite the love affair with Australia. The French native has had his custom forms stamped by Australian officials many times before headlining shows and touring with the Australian dance band PNAU. It doesn’t end there folks. Breakbot is back in 2013 as part of the fuzzy summer lineup series in January to play by our sides (excuse the pun). This highly anticipated Breakbot record is just what lovesick disk jockeys have been waiting for after years and years of flirting.