Children Collide

April 16, 2012

After wowing Aussie rock fans everywhere with their cracking debut album The Long Now and then repeating and improving the effort with Theory Of Everything, Children Collide are back with another slab of rock – and they’ve done it again with the appropriately titled Monument.

With drummer Ryan Caesar quitting the band several weeks ago, Children Collide are now a two-headed beast with John McKay (vocals/guitar) and Heath Crawley (bass).

Monument is a err…monument to Children Collide’s career thus far – it’s far more ambitious and mature than their first 2 albums, and most surprisingly, it’s a world-class effort. Are they eyeing off the unofficial mantle of Australia’s favourite rock band? With Powderfinger and Silverchair having called it quits after getting bored/out of ideas, it’s a void that needs filling – and soon.

Children Collide have moved into the trippy, psychedelic hard rock territory of UK The Music (now sadly defunct) and our American friends Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. There are even moments evoking Joy Division – yes, that’s right. Monument opens with The Flat Earth, and it’s clear you’re in for something a little different to what they’ve done before. But it still sounds familiar: that post-punk sound with its hellish bass is joined by an otherworldly undercurrent of melancholy. What does that mean? I give you as exhibit A the first single Sword To A Gunfight – hard hitting, but moody and a little spooky.

One of the strongest tracks, the anthemic My Heart Came Alive is surely destined to be a fan favourite and a regular feature on all future setlists. Its super-groove laden bass track and riff-tastic chorus are executed with precision; this is quality ladies and gentlemen. Similarly, the top-tapping blast of Prussian Blue and Cherries reveals a band that is confidently branching out and embracing a stronger sound, rather than just relying on screaming vocals and messy loud guitars.

Those lucky enough to witness Children Collide’s jaw-dropping debut Homebake 2006 performance (in the sadly no-longer-with-us Hopetoun stage) knew they were headed on an upward trajectory, straight for the rock n’ roll stratosphere. Monument should be what pushes them there. This is an album that belongs in the number 1 position on the album charts, and not just because it’s a local release, but because it’s that fucking good.


The Flat Earth

Sword to a Gunfight


Black Lemon

Praying For Sunshine

Prussian Blue

My Heart Came Alive

The Mausoleum

Summer Assassin

Sphere of Influence

Smooth Gown

Tired Eyes