City Calm Down

In A Restless House
November 5, 2015

For all your future road trips, City Calm Down’s debut album is a must have. Both incredibly diverse and impressively tight, In A Restless House proves that these Melbourne boys have not only carved their name in the Aussie music scene, they’ve fucking cemented it.

Seamlessly marrying ’80s synth pop and Aussie indie rock, In A Restless House is turning ears for all the right reasons. Landing this week’s triple j feature album, the 11 track rollercoaster delivers a satisfying mix of drum-heavy crescendos, catchy bass licks and broody baritone. After listening to it on repeat, I’d not only recommend it, I’d safely say that it’s one of the few albums you’d listen to in its entirety without fumbling for the skip button. 

The Intro to the album is a little ambiguous with its pensive harmony of feathery guitar strums and haunting vocals, yet it aptly paves the way for the tracks that follow. 

Border Control showcases the boys’ synchronicity and depth early on. Like many of their other tracks, Border Control kicks off with Bourke’s distinct broodiness, and quickly bounds into a rapid tempo with an infectious chorus of keys, synth and minimal lyrics.

Radio repeater Son catapults from subdued churchy organs to an Aussie-like off-kilter chorus, marking the boys’ departure from tech-heavy tunes to a pleasing amalgamation of post-punk and indie rock. 

Smash singles Rabbit Run and Wandering are irrefutably album highlights, while the dreamy duet in Nowhere To Start is slightly amiss among the collection.

Splicing the album with a nod to ’80s pop, Your Fix would be the ultimate track to a cheesy rom-com. With lyrics like “if you’re begging for forgiveness I don’t care”, the track is a little more upbeat than others and offers the perfect dose of catchy pop melody. 

Title track In A Restless House caps the album with a mix of Bourke’s alluring howls and swelling drums. Nearly three minutes into the track, it dissipates to a whisper before triumphantly closing with pulsating percussions, reinforcing just how impressive this debut album is.

Three years in the making, this standout album is an ode to the boys’ time and efforts. One of the best things about the 11 track collection is the journey each song takes you on. Literally a little voice inside me screams “YES” with every unexpected turn and crescendo. Plug it in, hit the road and let In A Restless House map your way. Well done boys.

In A Restless House is out tomorrow, Friday 6th November, pre-order a copy on iTunes here.

Watch: City Calm Down – Wandering