Crystal Fighters – Star Of Love

This is the debut album for Spanish/English act Crystal Fighters, and it’s certainly something new and interesting. If you’ve heard the singles In The Summer and At Home you’ll know where I’m coming from – it’s hard to label this act, and that’s always a good sign.

Crystal Fighters incorporate traditional and electronic instruments to create a genuinely unique sonic landscape that is a mix of electronica/folk/high tempo dance/percussion. It really is something pleasantly unexpected – in amongst the massive commercial landscape of modern music, albums like this prove there are still people making music that sounds fresh and original.

Opening track Solar System sets the tone for the album; before you know it you’ll be shaking your arse, nodding your head, digging the tunes whatever way you can. This will no doubt be a very popular album with bar and lounge DJs, and let’s not forget the Friday night house party. Especially I Do This Everyday – it’s almost punkish influences will have everyone bouncing of the walls. Do what must be done and get your hands on Star Of Love – Crystal Fighters have given us something to celebrate, or just plain party with.

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