Darker Half – Duality

August 28, 2009

Sydney metal heads Darker Half have independently produced and released this ode to thrash/power metal, known as Duality – and may I say, it’s quite good. It’s full of all the standard metal clichés; power chords, falsetto vocals, complex riffage, and of course – it’s bloody loud!

First single Take The Plunge is a galloping metal ditty, and a perfect taste of the album. Duality is very much metal for metalheads. Darker Half aren’t re-inventing the wheel here, just having a ball with some old school party metal.

As I sit back with a fine scotch in my leather armchair and stroke my chin, Duality takes me back to early Iron Maiden and Testament. It also takes me back to Sabbath, but all good acts have that Sabbath sound because they wrote all the good riffs!

Duality aims to put Darker Half in the same league as fellow Aussie metallers Lord, Alchemist, Black Majesty and even metal heroes Mortal Sin. It’s a solid, unpretentious dose of heavy music that’ll turn your grandma’s next birthday party into an old fashioned mosh. So get to it – give it a spin, raise the horns and headbang with the family!