April 4, 2012

Pump this kid’s sound up! Twenty-something-year-old Brooklyn rocker Devin has a sweet little album ready to let loose on us. Well, not so little, with fourteen tracks. While his style of rock is not entirely new, Devin Therriault – who I fancy as a James Dean meets Elvis Presley style rocker, one cool cat – still manages to deliver an edgy, fresh and punchy sound with Romancing.

Devin’s lyrics on Romancing are centered on love, obviously mainly of the broken kind, and his raw rock vocals deliver the heartache and angst with perfect vigour.

The album opener was chosen extremely well with Masochist: a fast-paced and crazy, catchy track that showcases Devin’s youthful, raw, rock vocals perfectly. My favourite!

New Horrors has a sixties feel to it with the tight beats, clapping accompaniment and melody throughout. In fact, most of the tracks have that same sixties rock vibe, not too dissimilar to The Strokes, just with added grit.

A soulful, hip-thrusting track filled with Devin’s angst-ridden pleading lyrics is offered with I’m Not A Fool. This is most definitely one extremely cool song. You can picture yourself cranking it up while driving a Cadillac down Route 66 … you’ll hear what I mean.

You’re Mine is another of the super energetic, punchy tracks that would get any wallflower off their seat. The guitar is loud and gritty and chaotic, with a melody poking through intermittently.

You can hear the musical influences in Romancing: an amalgamation of rock from the last six decades at least. Devin and his band have created a fabulous, good old-fashioned rock album that, in my opinion, is hard to really fault. If you like it loud, you’ll love it!

What I so love about this album is that most tracks are actually danceable. You know that, if lucky enough to see Devin live, there’d be none of this standing around tapping one foot and bobbing your head while staring up at the stage with a bored expression. The only way to enjoy this album is to dance your arse off around the house whilst listening to it, ignoring the concerned glances shot over the fence from neighbours (just like I did!).