Eagles Of Death Metal – Heart On

They’ve done it again! Two of rocks best buddies, Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme have unleashed another sonic bomb of a sex-rock album. As soon as the opening track Anything ‘cept The Truth comes out firing you know you’re in for some fun. This is how rock should be – groovy, sexy and bloody funny.

Jesse Hughes might be a Ned Flanders lookalike, but he’s the complete opposite of that dweeb. The devilishly infectious groove of first single Wanna Be In LA is simply irrepressible. Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme clearly had a ball writing and recording Heart On, the songs just leap out of the speakers and command you to get down and boogie.

With song titles like High Voltage, I’m Your Torpedo and Cheap Thrills, Heart On is definitely an album to be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates rock & roll without all the bullshit. It’s totally unpretentious, devoid of any big-ego rock wankery, and guaranteed to piss off anyone who likes Idol and its ilk.

Heart On is the perfect party album with its going-straight-to-hell themes of drinking, rooting, and just rocking the fuck out. What more do you want? It’s a killer album – all we need now is a tour!

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