Envy on the Coast – Lucy Gray

Envy on the Coast should see a doctor next time they’re back home in Long Island, because they seem to be afflicted by some sort of personality disorder.

Lucy Gray is schizophrenic. For the most part it is a pretty standard US pop-punk record. Though not exactly to my taste, the songs are well crafted with lots of angsty guitars and thumping drums; excellent vocals from Ryan Hunter; some tasty harmonies; and strong musicianship and production overall. Standout track Gift of Paralysis, with its smart and catchy chorus ‘these bones are mere accessories’, is coming soon to a radio near you; you can rest safely assured.

And then, inexplicably, Lucy Gray throws in a series of heartfelt indie-pop ballads, which aren’t half bad, it must be said, but the sudden change is certainly incongruous. It left me wondering who exactly this album is meant to appeal to. Punk / Indie half breeds, I suppose. Emos?

So if that’s you, well then Lucy Gray is right up your mascara-wearing street. If not, you’ll want to file it away under potential stocking filler for your little sister.

Check them out at http://www.envyonthecoast.com or on their myspace page.

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