Gourmet Scavenger – Omelette Presents

This compilation from Omelette is touted as having electronica ranging from downtempo electronica to folktronica, glitchhop to leftfield hip hop, brokenbeat to jazz groove. Being completely uneducated in these genres, all I can really go by is how I think this sounds as a listener with a fresh set of ears. Which in a way is great, because I have no preconceived notions of how this style of music should sound and in saying that I find this album amazing.

Smooth and frantic beats combine perfectly. When doing compilations it’s sometimes hard to get the right blend of songs but the transition from artist to artist feels seamless.

From about track five I started to really get into the album, with the sweet breathy singer’s voice from folktronica act Welcome Dear Friend to Bouncing Stones by Spoonbill (feat. Bodhi Sed) mixing kitsch 50’s voice snippets with funky beats.

Some of the slower songs don’t take my interest due to my almost obsessive need of more up tempo tunes, but overall this CD makes me wants to sit in a cool little lounge and drink cocktails with my friends, where for once the music won’t overwhelm the conversation but enhance it by giving your night a chilled out soundtrack.

Must Read