Jeff Martin 777

The Ground Cries Out
April 12, 2011

Jeff Martin, former frontman for Canada’s disbanded The Tea Party has released a few solo albums in recent years – he’s now back with a band called Jeff Martin 777 (odd I know) and if you know Jeff Martin, it’s more of the same action.

The Tea Party were always a love/hate act – some people loved the kooky prog rock and some found it silly and derivative. It’s something Jeff Martin has stuck with; evidently it’s all he knows so he’s sticking with it. And doing it quite well – the production is slick as expected, and you get what you expect – a mix moody prog/acoustic rock with Middle Eastern and Asian influences.

Queen Of Spades sounds like a Led Zeppelin B-side and there’s nothing too wrong with that, and Riverland Rambler is a country rock ditty that Keith Urban will no doubt love. The Ground Cries Out has a few good moments, but if you’re a fan you won’t care. Jeff Martin has been living in Australia for the last couple of years (apparently he’ll soon be a citizen) so if you are a fan, keep an eye out – he’ll be in town come May.