Kaya – Kaya Live

Goodness gracious me, it’s not often you encounter an act that actually makes you stop whatever you were doing and watch in a rapture like state.

This is exactly what Kaya did to me when I caught them playing Cut the rug at the Loft bar down in Cockle bay.  Fortunately, what I was doing was reclining on the leather couches with a lovely shiraz and some delicious tapas, so I was about as close to heaven as I’d ever been.  I can’t remember the last time I felt so spoilt.  Honestly, I consider myself an accomplished hedonist, but these girls showed me I still have plenty to experience in terms of pleasure.  Their harmonies are quite literally exquisite.  The rhythms are delicious, the soul is beautiful.  On stage they are playful and engaging, resulting in a performance that one feels privileged to have seen.  And lucky for you, it’s available in the form of this live recording.  Mostly originals with a few very creative covers mixed in, it’s a wonderful encapsulation of their trademark a Capella sounds.  With a healthy dose of hip hop groove and roots in blues, it’s awfully difficult not to adore this whole experience.

Must Read