Mother Mars – Primitives

This shit rocks! Nuff said – now go get your hands on it. End review.

Ok, to satisfy the editor and get this review up, this groovy desert/stoner/sludge/grunge/space/blues roots shit rocks! Mother Mars are the real deal – no, I mean the real deal, get it? Independently produced and released, Primitives is a bright spot on the local soundscape.

Based in Sydney and comprising of (drumroll please); Matthew Allen (guitar and deeply cool vocals), Tim Pritchard (heavy low down bass), Paul Attard (trippy space guitarist) and Frank Attard (pounding war hammer on drums) Mother Mars are largely unknown. This may change with the release of Primitives. No, it will change damn it!

Exhibit A – opener You Are Me is the coolest thing I’ve heard since the mighty Thumlock disappeared in a haze of bong smoke. Unlike some wolf’s mother (hint hint), this actually sounds original, and not like a mash up of your dads 70s record collection.

Overflowing with psychedelic jamming, fuzzy guitars and a super cool laid back bottom end, this is music that puts the ‘oov’ in groovy. It never goes overboard, or to excess – Primitives pulls its punches at exactly the right times, so get your boogie on and get funky!

Must Read