MT Warning – Petrified Heart EP

This third collection from Northern New South Wales gem MT Warning echoes the more subdued moments of last years debut, Midnight Set. With introspective, raw lyrics and a beautifully ambient sound, main man Mikey Bee has created a mostly invariable listen for those days where one just feels the need to be immersed in thoughts.

Opening with the gentle strum of first single When It All Bleeds Out, it’s a slow-burner that eventuates into the vocals becoming engulfed in desperate-sounding freestyle guitar. Similar in sound and pace, second track Black Moon offers not much difference to the first, but it does hold a gorgeous vocal performance within the chorus.

Third track I Want You To Be My Girl This Century is a simple affair with the phrase repeated for the bulk of the song and no notable build to speak of.

But then comes the high point in the fourth track. Collapsed Collage is a desperate plea that shows a subtle growth, until suddenly taking a sharp incline into operatic-like background vocals and rumbling electronic sounds. It is a mesmerising listen that will send your ears into frenzy.

Closing track is the beautiful ballad Petrified Heart, a love note with an emotional guitar line and seemingly choked-up vocals.

Aside from the simple structures and relatable subjects of love and innermost feelings, it is the sonic nature of this EP that will draw you in. Combining the slightly rugged and upfront vocals with the ethereal textures of guitars, backing vocals, and the gentle plodding beat, there are few points at which you can sink into indifference.

It’s almost as though this contrast acts as the reality check; the way in which you know that what you are hearing is incredibly real and undoubtedly human.

‘Petrified Heart’ is out July 10, Via Create Control.

Listen: MT Warning – When It All Bleeds Out

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