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Paris Wells
Keep It

Written by Holly Williamson

This album made me get up and Shake as the appropriately labeled opening track thumped through my veins. From track 2, Wells heads away from the loud electric guitars and the album develops its signature hip-hop licks jazz soul sound.

Indeed this is music to cook and dance to. It swings and hops and features some nice crunchy riffs, it’ll make you move. Heavy beats and plenty of bounce ground nearly every song and Wells’ strong vocals furnish them with energy and fun.

This lady emits her voice from her primal depths and is aiming to provoke that female empowerment that lurks within, typified by Fuck Your Soul, and it’s not a sorry attempt. Learn the lyrics, join the chorus ranks and unleash!

The album does have some uncertain, unconcentrated moments; perhaps the ballad-esque Rest Up On Me is the puddle to jump over as you’re dancing down the street that is this album. However, not to despair, Wells swoops back in with the rhythms of track 9, When It’s Time, sprinkled with a few rap verses, a healthy contrast that balances Wells’ voice and keeps your fingers clicking.

The final track, Tender is a smoother attempt at the ballad and works a lot better than Rest Up On Me. It’s a good way to wind down, slow dancing alone in the kitchen with the red wine that was originally destined for the sautéed chicken.

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