Review: Feed Her To The Sharks – Fortitude

Melbourne metalcore quintet Feed Her To The Sharks have risen to prominence in a crowded Australian heavy music scene via a fierce determination to do things on their own terms. An impressive live act, they’ve left a mass of sweaty, happy bodies in their wake since their 2010 inception, headlining their own tours and warming stages for the likes of Suicide Silence, Born Of Osiris and Darkest Hour. After two independently released full-lengths, the band are now set on global domination, joining forces with renowned US label Victory Records for the worldwide release of their third record, Fortitude.

Fortitude is everything you would expect from a modern metalcore record, combining crunching riffs with bone-crushing rhythms and subtle elements of electronica to create an imposing sonic backdrop for vocalist Andrew Vanderzalm to bare his soul. Lead single The World Is Yours get Fortitude off to an impressive start, with incendiary riffs from guitarists Kim Choo and Marinos Katsanevas, fusing with inspired work from the rhythm section of bassist Robert Davies and drummer Andrew Cotterel. It’s a barnstormer of a track, with everything you’ve come to know and love about Feed Her To The Sharks taken to the next level.

While the record sounds great, thanks to stellar production from scene overlord Fredrik Nordström (Bring Me The Horizon, IKTPQ, Architects), the majority of the rest of the tracks fail to land as hard, with Shadow of Myself and closer Let Go coming closest to matching the quality of the opener, despite the best and most impassioned of intentions from the band.

Fortitude is a quality album, but it’s perhaps playing a little too safe within the boundaries of a now rather tired melodic metalcore formula. While this is a little at odds with Feed Her To The Sharks’ earlier DIY aesthetic, it’s also true that Fortitude is assuredly their most accomplished LP to date. At the very least it should more than satiate the band’s rabid fan base, and open the door for more exciting touring opportunities, where these songs will undoubtedly come into their own.

‘Fortitude’ is out tomorrow, Tuesday 10th February, via Victory Records.

Listen: Feed Her To The Sharks – The World Is Yours

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