Rocket Science – Different Like You

Rocket Sciences Different Like You is their first album since Eternal Holiday way back in 2004 – due to singer Roman Tuckers tragic coma things were quiet for a few years. They’re back, and this is the Rocket Science we all know and love –raw high energy songs infused with theremin and rock & roll.

Rocket Science are easily one of the best (and craziest) live acts going around currently and any albums like this are only going to enhance their reputation. I mean seriously, how bloody cool is Psychic Man? And what about the wacked-out groove of Love Love Love? Damn baby, this is the shit! A definite highlight is the sleazy Sinful Cowboy, the soundtrack to any dirty night out.

Roman Tucker and bassist Dave Gray, drummer Kit Warhurst and guitarist Paul Maybury have released a mighty impressive album in Different Like You. Each song is a huge barrel of fun, full of chunky punk riffs, trashy garage noise and good time rock & roll. And let’s not forget the theremin, that most trippy of instruments with its eerie highly distinctive wail. So welcome back Rocket Science, Different Like You is one arse-kicking album.

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