Sex Slaves – Bite Your Tongue

Lyrics laden with sexual innuendo and cover art covered in second-rate strippers. Bite Your Tongue from New York City rockers Sex Slaves doesn’t really evoke any feelings in me other than that I’ve heard it all before, but better. All you need to know about the actual music is that in one song they reference Guns ‘N’ Roses and that’s all that really needs to be said about that.

There are simple songs talking about going drinking, like Thank God For Jack Daniels which delves into guess what? Yep, their love of Jack Daniels and pushes on as a rock/gospel song where they’ve taken a hymn and replaced the word God with Jack Daniels. Kiss Me takes it down a notch when they ask the question that I’m sure everybody has been pondering “Why don’t you kiss me with your eyes open?” Deep.

But mostly the album is full of songs I’m sure that rock chicks love to fuck too, such as All Night Long and See You Naked. My favourite on this album has got to be Contagious where they remind you that love is contagious and it’s starting to itch, well not really, but that’s far better than the whole I’m addicted to you, pseudo love ballad.

The saving grace is that I can easily see this at any rock pig bar or house party where everyone drinks in excess, everyone is squeezed into leather and all the girls think Bret Michaels from Poison is “totally hot”.

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