Skipping Girl Vinegar
One Long Week (Single)

Written by Sheshtyn De Souza

Skipping Girl Vinegar’s new single, ‘One Long Week’, chronicles a whirlwind year of touring, recording and travelling for the band, which they said flew by so fast it felt more like one long week than the standard fifty-two. The song is an exciting first peek at what’s to come from the acoustic four-piece, with the anticipated release of their second album.

The catchy track stays true to Skipping Girl Vinegar’s “obsession with melodies [and] pop-hooks”, with upbeat percussion and melody making for a very hummable tune. Although Mark Lang talks about a year of “sleepless nights”, the song exudes positivity; perhaps despite the craziness of the year, they also look back on it with fondness as one well-spent.

‘One Long Week’ still maintains the essence of Skipping Girl Vinegar, with their relatable lyrics and acoustic sound, but is perhaps a little more polished than their previous songs. It will be interesting to hear how the album sounds as a whole and where Skipping Girl Vinegar have decided to take their music.

The band is currently touring the Australian east coast to prepare for the release of their upcoming album, which was recorded in Nashville by acclaimed American indie producer Brad Jones. The new music is eagerly anticipated following Skipping Girl Vinegar’s celebrated debut album Sift The Noise.

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