Stereophonics – Graffiti On The Train

They are celebrating their 21st birthday as a band this year and to kick-start the festivities, Welsh band Stereophonics will be releasing their eighth studio album.

Entitled Graffiti on the Train, this LP brings about yet another great record from the quartet, who have been regarded as one of the most successful bands to come out of Wales.

The album overall has a very heartbroken feel to it, creating a plethora of ballads. From the opening track of needing to get to that special person far away, being told by the big guitar and drums sound, to the love-lost ballad of Indian Summer, the theme of the album is set very quickly.

The fourth track on the album brings about a slightly darker sound, with the whimpering guitar at the end taking it out before the distorted driving riffs on Catacomb pick things up again with the first real rocking track on the recording.

Been Caught Cheating really shows an insight into the inspiration of this album, with a solid four-minute track about the hurt of being cheated on. In a Moment, the ninth track, offers some different sounds, including some electronic drums that offer an effect-driven track that then leads you to the end of the album in yet another simple yet beautiful ballad.

The gem on this release is without a doubt the title track, Graffiti on the Train. Everything about this track is just wonderful from the strings section to the light piano closing the song off; however, it is lead singer Kelly Jones’ raspy vocals that really catch the listener’s attention. It’s a great song on a good album.

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