Stone Sour

Audio Secrecy
September 29, 2010

We’ve received a new album from metal slashes Stone Sour, and bringing less minds to carnage, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor.  Pilot singer for both Stone Sour and his much larger masked-pack, CT gives respite at one and takes his full attention to his other family, as this full length drags us away from a roar to a more steady play. The latest is just what to expect from SS, the emotions role, definite re-strung guitars due to unresisting plays and the tease of Taylor’s voice to remind us of his other half.

You’re experiencing a different side of Taylor’s mind. The album starts off with piano melodies then breaks out to a heavy feel with Mission Statement, giving the logics of what’s capable. Say You’ll Haunt Me is the single from the latest, and it hinders us the familiar roar. As the album plays through, you’ll find some more similarities from Taylor’s other work, however this doesn’t bring a bad sigh as tracks like Dying and Hesitate stand for the meaning of rocking out. It’s strange to imagine what SS are capable of, having a front man who is part of another known metal act, SS evaluate together a verse of roar and not-so-hard. This being a new metal sound, attention splits, with a side of alternative one can be fond of.

It’s enjoyable if you want to hear Taylor’s voice and crave his thoughts on the not so softer side. I like new beginnings but don’t we all, so giving a rest on the throat has produced an easy listening but yet a dramatic album.