Tamam Shud – Goolutionites and the Real People

Are you ready to take some acid and go to Woodstock?

Can’t afford it?

No mental capacity for it?

Me neither. Instead, try listening to this album.

At first the name threw me off. Usually I don’t listen to many artists that I can’t pronounce unless its Scandinavian death metal but this album changed all that.

Tamam Shud, meaning the ultimate end, are inspired by the late 60s acid rock movement. When I listen to them I think of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Doors, Pink Floyd and Cream. Throw in a bit of hillbilly rock and you’ve got the general vibe of ‘Goolutionites and the Real People’.

The progressive psych-rock sound takes you on a journey from numb to completely high then drops you back on your arse again. Pretty much like a good pinger, but without the comedown.

All four band members are extremely talented with their instruments and yet no sound drowns out the rest. The singer’s voice gently rocks you in a hippie-like way then the guitar morphs you back into a rock groupie. Tamam Shud originated in 1968 so the sound you are hearing is genuine of the times. These band members actually were taking trips and listening to Jimi Hendrix and being inspired by this movement. So jealous!

At the end of 1968, Tamam Shud produced one of the first wholly original rock albums in Australia named ‘Évolution’. In the decades since, they have been gigging and recording around Australia and the world, spearheading the progressive rock movement. Listen to this album and you really will feel like you can change the world with love and peace. Or maybe I am just high.

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