Taos – Darkness and Light

The imagery that came to mind when listening to this album was the streaming sunlight in contrast to the dark pine trees in Mad Max 1 when Jessie is frantically running through the forest looking for Sprog.

A pop acoustic album with clear melodic lines fills your soul with an emotional resonance that gives to the old rock of the 60’s and 70’s, but with new production and a retro image. However this is not to be mistaken with the electro scene of MGMT, but closer to the yellow guitar sounds of The Who. The track ‘The Giver’ sounds like a cousin to Simon and Garfunkels’ Only Living Boy In New York.

Eerie and haunting, yet warm and comforting, Darkness and Light is raw and expressional, exploring movement of time and space through major and minor keys. Driving guitar and bass lines push us into the next track. Ambient rich timbres distance us from reality in contrast to the raw vocals that give the album an earthy human realism.

This album’s originality allows proposed known lyrics to take on a new life. For example, in the track ‘Beautiful’, lyrics ‘You are so beautiful, wish that you are mine’ in its positive pop delivery would be well received by anyone suffering from a crush.  All in all: a warm, eclectic album good for a relaxed introspective listening, or as a comfort aide when breaking up with your boyfriend.

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