The Dead Daisies – Revolución

Classic rock fans, the kind who probably turned off their local hit music radio station in dismay long ago, can take a break from plumbing the depths of their parents’ old record collections in the hunt for new musical inspiration, because here’s something brand new for a change.

Sort-of kind-of Aussie-ish supergroup The Dead Daisies’ new album, Revolución is a hard rocking, high-energy romp, arriving like a triumphant guitar power stance with one foot planted proudly in the leather-clad past and the other, firmly in the future.

True to the band’s live show, their sophomore record largely strips the music back to its primary colours: guitar, drums, bass and vocals. It’s a refreshingly raw sound, burning with classic 70’s and 80’s rock vibes and bluesy, at times country-rock swagger.

Lead single and album opener Mexico has a touch of The Who about it, while its blues-rich melodies are packing a distinctly modern flavour, in the vein of Chris Cornell or Black Country Communion.

Aussie legend Jimmy Barnes takes over some of the vocal duties from new recruit John Corabi on the very Barnesy-ish Aussie backyard barbeque screamer Empty Heart, which Barnesy himself unsurprisingly had a hand in writing.

It’s followed up by the uplifting, piano-laced Winery Dogs-esque blazer Make The Best Of It, which should technically be a shoe-in for a spot on the soundtrack of the new Bill & Ted reboot.

The Dead Daisies wear their influences – and their deep hard rock heritage – on their sleeves throughout Revolución, shaking things up with the addition of a gospel choir and church organ on the soulful Something I Said, vintage Slash-circa-GN’R-style mouth wah riffage on With You And I, the weeping Eagles-esque slide guitar stylings of ballad Sleep, and the honky-tonk piano that infuses country-laced digital bonus tracks Leave The Truth Behind and Last Night.

But the key ingredients that charge throughout the entire disc are the furious hard rock riffs, soaring guitar solos and big, bluesy choruses that the band has become celebrated for.

In short, if you’re a classic rock fan, the kind who probably turned off their local hit music radio station in dismay long ago, then chances are you’ll love this record.

The Dead Daisies’ new album ‘Revolución’ is released this Friday, September 18th, pre-order it here. Catch the band supporting KISS on their 40th Anniversary Australian tour, this October.

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