The Drones

A Thousand Mistakes
November 23, 2011

The Drones, one of the hottest and hardworking acts in Australia right now, have delivered a live DVD as evidence of their power – and why we love them so. But this is no mere live DVD of a single epic performance, but a massively generous 4+ hour double disc of The Drones in all their sweaty glory, no fancy bits – just The Drones, mistakes and all (but nowhere near 1,000).

The two main performances consist of an intimate Fairfield Warehouse Session providing an interesting contrast to the full balls-out show at East Brunswick. Both recorded in 2010, these 2 shows make the DVD – everything else essentially a bonus for fans – and further proof of the sheer fucking power of these guys. It really is remarkable, an eye-opening look into the world of The Drones, who’s often brutally raw and enigmatic poetic songs captivate an audience with their incredible beauty.

The stripped back Fairfield Warehouse Session is intimate and captivating – a remarkable achievement and fascinating to watch. It’s literally The Drones hanging out in an old warehouse and letting loose on their songs acoustically, but with the same vigour as the electrifying gigs they’re renowned for. On the flip side, the up close and personal East Brunswick show is as good as it gets; with The Drones in full flight, taking no prisoners.

This is a must-have DVD, of that there is no question. Right now, The Drones are simply our most important act, defying radio-friendly trendy rubbish and forging their own path, with plenty of fans joining them for the ride.