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The Foreign Electric EP

Written by Jules Bibley-Hall

This Sydney-based four piece have done their homework on the indie sound but they’re not afraid to experiment. Their sound is strongly influenced by major players in the British rock pantheon with hints of Radiohead, Blur and Jimi Hendrix floating in the mix.

The guitarist was a highlight for me on this EP, moving seamlessly from blues inspired solos, to “The Bends”-era guitar rock riffs, to electronica soundscapes. I was particularly impressed by his work on the closing track “Blue Pearl” in which he conjured images of vast, desolate, landscapes amid a track that built impressively from a quiet beginning into a foot-tappingly good finale.

That’s not to say that the rest of the band aren’t doing themselves proud. The bass player’s funky, chunky rock rhythms and the drummer’s solid beats drive the band impressively, laying down a good foundation on which the melodies are built. The contrasting vocal styles work well too with melodic rock vocals contrasting “The Music” style spoken word lyrics.

This EP is a tantalizing taste of what we can expect in the future from The Foreign Electric. It’s solid, quality, indie-rock fare, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

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