The Greenhornes – ****

For those who don’t know, The Greenhornes are 3/4 of The Raconteurs. Without Jack White, they make 70’s inspired rock songs inspired by The Doors, Led Zeppelin and The Who. Spacey guitars intertwine around manic organ keyboards and bobbing drums that float up and down like a lava lamp. At times it’s perfect hippy stoner rock, at times it has a stadium rock feel to it and other times dreamy shoe gazer pop.

From the opening track Saying Goodbye with it’s big expansive sound down to a track like My Sparrow which is more subtle lo-fi fuzz, this album took me by surprise with each track. There is a argument that this album encroaches on The Black Keys sound but it never tries to directly rip any one off with sound or style. It’s more a homage to certain bands and certain influences as you listen to each song. A cover of James Brown’s I’ll Go Crazy is one of the stand out tracks along with Don’t Tell Henry and the opening track.

If you expect to hear a Raconteurs/Jack White sounding album then you’ll be disappointed (or surprised depending on your opinion). This is a great lo-fi rock album that is hard to not like. Fans of The Black Keys or classic early 70’s rock music will dig this album. Lava lamp and retro beanbag required when listening.

Must Read