The Tom Fun Orchestra – You Will Land With a Thud

The Tom Fun Orchestra is solid. I’m not sure how to take them, but seriously certainly isn’t the way. Their debut album And You Will Land With a Thud is just good, fun music. Ambitious, energetic, in your face, indie-rock with a large swig of moonshine induced folk styling, The Tom Fun Orchestra are more infectious than Swine Flu. The difference is this is something you don’t want to stop from spreading.

Opening track When You Were Mine is reminiscent of the Arcade Fire with a touch of The Cure’s dark brooding sound to it. Though it is a great song, held up by front man Ian MacDougall’s deep voice, it leaves you worrying that this entire album is going to be something all too familiar, rehashed into a sound you can feebly try and pass off as new.

Fortunately, this is a short-lived concern.

Rum & Tequila immediately kicks things into 5th gear. Powered by a swinging baseline, a full sounding strings and horns based melody, and MacDougall’s raspy vocals that lie somewhere between singing and storytelling, this is one of the album stand outs.

The Tom Fun Orchestra embraces a wide range of influences and musicians to create music that is quite simply brilliant. The Multi instrumentalist Canadians are out to conquer the world with their unique, upbeat music and this album gives the feeling that they just might. There was no holding back in the making of this record and you can hear it from start to finish.

Songs like Watchmaker offer a passionate yet bouncing arrangement that draws in so many styles of music, it is hard to put your finger on any one genre. With moments of folk, indie, country, roots, swing and the occasional punk moment, this album is far from an overnight process. A lot of work and time went into producing this album and it has clearly paid off.

You Will Land With a Thud is a definite unsung hero of an album. The Tom Fun Orchestra has put together a great collection of music that will have you hooked in seconds. For anyone that likes good music, you will like this album. It will leave you trying to figure out what it is you just heard but you’ll be doing so with a smile on your face.

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