Tim Hart

Milling The Wind
August 20, 2012

Milling the Wind is the brand new debut album from singer/songwriter, Tim Hart. Better known as the drummer from folk-rock band, Boy and Bear, Hart now embarks on his own solo musical journey. Milling the Wind is beautiful and heartfelt, embracing Hart’s own honesty and experience.

Milling the Wind, produced by The Middle East’s Mark Myers, is full of collaborations, and with the array of talent, it’s no wonder we’re treated to such instrumental diversity. Listeners are taken on a musical odyssey, incorporating a magnificent medley of finger-picking strings, brooding bass and sparkling harmonica.

Channeling the likes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young (think Jim Ward and John Butler) Hart has set the bar and delivered a dreamy, folk-inspired and honest album. Addressing themes of love, heartache, and plenty of soul searching, Milling the Wind is a beautiful insight into Hart’s deepest, inner struggles and triumphs.

Opening track, Architects is a beautiful introduction to what’s to follow: beautifully gentle lyrics, finger-picking acoustic guitar and effortless violin. Following on, we are treated to an all-too-familiar banjo in Cover of your Code, that we have come to love as a Boy and Bear trademark sound. Undeniably moving tracks include, White Man/Our Share of Deceiving, Borrowed and Vacant, and So Come the Rain, and we witness the incredible raw and intimate songwriting that makes this album such a captivating journey to be a part of.

The Old Gate is a perfectly beautiful tale about love, and Hart teams up with Sydney singer/songwriter Faith Lee on vocals and harmonica to deliver a delightful song. The first single off the album, A Number of Us, is a magnificent introduction to what’s on offer on the rest of the album. Incorporating soothing strings and emotive lyrics, Milling the Wind is a fun, deep and reflective album that’s wonderfully executed.

Hart is a true musical talent and his voice is powerful and haunting, ultimately delivering an outstanding debut album.