Betty’s Soup Kitchen

On the corner of Crown and Oxford St, across form the Colombian.

Now if you’ve ever been strapped for cash and anywhere near Surry Hills you probably know Betty’s.

Homey and inviting, Betty’s offers some of the most generously priced food in Sydney. What is so fantastic is that the food is just so damn good. I mean fall off your seat due to a crippling orgasm good.

Any of the soups, the pesto, the bolognese, the nachos, the fish fingers, I could go on and on but I’m too busy drooling at the memories.

The staff are friendly and if you pay a few extra dollars you’re free to help yourself to the all-you-can-eat salad bar.

But the best part about Betty’s is the bread. Cushiony, cloudy, almost whipped damper is brought to you along with rich salty butter. Dip it in your Potato and Pumpkin soup, and turn on, tune in, drop out.

While the wine selection is limited to white or red, and the beers are nothing fancy, they aren’t expensive, and honestly waht’s wrong with VB anyway.

The waiter is hilarious, very outgoing but most of all and excellent waiter in every sense of the word.

If you’ve never been you have to check it out. It’s perfect for a relaxing meal with friends before a night out.

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