Culture + Events: 2009 Sydney Underground Film Festival Preview


The Factory Theatre, Marrickville

Thursday 10th – Sunday 13th September

(w/ satellite events until 18th September)

There is always something decidedly dangerous about the Sydney Underground Film Festival. Now entering into its third successive year, it has built a reputation for showcasing some of the most diverse, divisive and interesting local and international shorts and features. The 2009 program is no different, and whilst there are no big name films on the program (a la Anthony Hopkins and Larry Clark from the 08 edition), this year is arguably the strongest festival yet. From underground heroes The Kuchar Brothers, via John Waters (his Odorama cinema returns again in 2009- this year the seminal Pink Flamingos) and including the promising debut of Australian filmmaker Chris Butler, 2009 is a bumper crop.

Music Feeds is pleased to present a taster of just a few of the juicy morsels on offer at SUFF 09:

THURSDAY 10 SEPT – 8.00pm

Opening Night Extravaganza: THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD (dir.: Andy Bichlbaum/Mike Bonanno) featuring a special performance by KAMAHL

If you think that the corporate world has a lot to answer for than you will get behind The Yes Men as they infiltrate top multinational corporations and expose the great contradiction and corruption at their heart. This Gonzo activisim takes no prisoners as the boys take aim at all the big guns including Exxon, Mobil and Shell

FRIDAY 11 SEPT – 6.30pm

LIFE WITH ASHLEY (dir.: Chris Butler)

The promising debut doco from young Aussie Chris Butler is without a doubt one of the most exciting prospects on this years card. Taking modern cultures obsession with reality television to a whole new level, Life With Ashley intrudes on film school drop-out Butler’s life with his eccentric teenage sister Ashley. Capturing obsession and apathy in equal measures, this film takes a cold hard look at a generation of young Australians stepping out of the shadows of their parents and into a dangerous sexual and social milieu of their own creation.

SATURDAY 12 SEPT – 6.30pm

CHEVOLUTION (dir.: Trisha Ziff)

In 1960, Cuban photographer Alberto ‘Korda’ Diaz captured a photo of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara during a funeral mass. That same photo has exploded into popular culture, its meaning and significances altered and reshaped to suit a whole plethora of contradictions. This film traces the history of that photo, an image that has come to define a whole era in time.

SATURDAY 12 SEPT – 8.30pm

Smell Cinema: PINK FLAMINGOS for the first time in Odorma (dir.: John Waters)

With the special permission of John Waters himself, experience the seminal cult classic Pink Flamingos as never before- in ODORAMA. Using the film as a guide, the SUFF directors have fashioned a scratch and sniff sensual experience to truly enhance the cinematic journey. Smell DIVINE in all her glory!

SUNDAY 12 SEPT – 10.30pm

Short Films: LOVE/SICK (dir.: various)

A staple of the SUFF short film programming, LOVE/SICK presents the most sexual, fetishist, kinky and perverted short films submitted for 09. Kinky is to use a feather, perverted is to use the whole turkey!

SATURDAY 12 SEPT – 12 Midnight (tickets only $6)

PORNDOGS (dir.: Greg Blatman)

Midnight cinema is a cult staple and to make this Saturday evening one to remember- the world premiere of Porndogs, an outrageous comedy pretending to be a hardcore porn film but performed by a cast of real life dogs! Featuring the voices of Ron Jeremy, Dustin Diamond and Heidi Fleiss, SUFF wishes to advise that no animals were harmed in the making of this motion picture…. in fact, they rather enjoyed it!

For more information visit Individual session tickets are $12 adult and $10 concession with day and festival passes available at huge discounts. The full program is available for download on the SUFF website.

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