Fashion: Look Heaps Rad #5

Accessory of the week: A cape (courtesy of Kevin Mitchell, aka Bob Evans).

Idolised Superman? Batman? Or Superted? Well why wouldn’t you when they’re sporting a rad fashion icon – The Cape. The cape can be seen throughout the ages and in many fiction and non-fictional stories. From Centurian Soldiers to mythical beings like Dracula, the cape is one sought after piece of material. Capes are usually worn by those in power (or have powers). What does power mean? It means respect, admiration and looking the part. Boys, please refrain from wearing the Australian flag as a cape as it screams ‘wanker’ especially when shirtless. Girls, make sure the cape does not go past the knee, as it will accentuate your legs or whatever pant/skirt ensemble you choose to wear with your cape.

Some fabulous accessories to compliment the cape are: a walking stick or cane; a top hat; chin up, high leather boots; dangerous attitude; a side kick that can sit on your shoulder; and a charming bowtie for formal occasions.

Wearing a cape comes with huge responsibilities. For one, people will expect you to come to their aid – for instance, if someone was about to get hit by a car, the general public would expect you swoop in and save them. They will expect you to know the answers to everything, therefore I suggest you read some old books to get into character, then drop down to your local pub for some trivia and win a $200 bar tab (you will be showered with praise by your peers). To emphasise your power, you should come up with a ‘hook’, whether it’s finding the cure of cancer, or being the only person in the world to leap over tall buildings in a single bound (although this one is taken by a certain superhero that wears his undies over his tights, not such a rad move).

So hurry up, get that cape, become a musician and wear it onstage – the power of looking rad is power over the people.

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