Jared Leto Is Reportedly Getting His Own ‘Joker’ Movie, And People Have Feelings

Actor, musician and Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto is reportedly getting his own Joker movie, following the success release of Suicide Squad, and, well, the internet has mixed feelings.

Variety reports that sources say Warner Brothers is planning to have Leto star and produce a standalone Joker film, after his version of the character debuted in 2016’s divisive Suicide Squad.

While no plot details have leaked just yet, Warner Brothers is expected to expand the Suicide Squad universe and tie The Joker’s story into other instalments of the series, including the upcoming Harley Quinn movie staring Australia’s Margot Robbie, and the upcoming Suicide Squad sequal.

News of the forthcoming Joker film has film buffs divided, especially given the mixed reviews Suicide Squad received and the relatively small part Leto played in that film:




Whatever your thoughts are, it’s clear the Suicide Squad universe (and Leto’s involvement in it) will be around for a while.

In other news, Leto has reportedly expressed interest in portraying the late Jeff Buckley in a biopic about the singer’s life.

Meanwhile, Leto said in 2017 that 30 Seconds To Mars would “absolutely” be touring Australia in 2018, but that tour is yet to come to light.


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