Leave It To The Chaser To Get Their Twitter Account Suspended For Pretending To Be Trump

The Chaser are back at their antics once again – this time pretending to be Donald Trump on election day – and now their Twitter account has been suspended.

In a little stint last night as reported by, the comedy group changed their Twitter profile name to ‘Donald J Trump’ and they changed their profile picture to match Trump’s as well.

Of course, they weren’t able to change their actual handle ‘@chaser’ to match Trump’s, but they still had that sweet blue tick of verification so the gag was pulled off just the same.

Their first tweet parading as Trump was ‘Don’t vote for me, I’m a massive idiot’. Not the most unbelievable thing that’s come out of Trump’s or pseudo-Trump’s mouth.

Sadly, after a few more tweets from the account, the account had their blue tick removed and, shortly after, their account was suspended from the website completely.

Thank you @chaser, gone but not forgotten.

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