Make-up Master Classes

Make-up Effects Group (MEG), are now offering intensive 20 week make-up Master Classes to prepare students for a career in the film, television and theatre industries. The Master Classes are available to people with no experience in the make-up field through to artists already in the industry.

Based in Sydney and close to the CBD, the world-class facility consists of five modern, spacious, and well-equipped make-up stations and hairdressing areas, in a fully functioning creative environment.

The course is a focused and highly personal experience for 10 students at a time. This provides students with more thorough and individual tuition. It also gives them the chance to work closely with top industry professionals with many years experience. The course will have a hands-on make-up curriculum. Art and hairdressing classes will also be taught each week. In addition students receive a high-end professional make-up and hair kit.

Paul Katte and Nick Nicolaou will teach the special make-up effects curriculum and oversee the entire course. Louise Fitzgerald is Director of Training and brings 24 years of make-up knowledge and teaching to the Master Classes.

The course has been developed over many years and does not cut corners with any aspect of the training. Students will have the benefit of working within a functioning make-up effects studio, with the direct opportunity of work experience onset with Make-up Effects Group.

A solid 1st year make-up course incorporating a special effects component will introduce students to sculpting, mould-making and application of foam latex prosthetics. They will learn about materials to use, applying make-up to actors, onset protocols and guidance in setting up portfolios.

MEG is really excited about offering these Master Classes. “We love what we do and we will make sure we pass on that passion and enthusiasm to the students within a comprehensive make-up module.”

“In the end it is up to the individual to get everything they can from any course. It is up to them to push themselves to succeed, but they need the groundwork and guidance to know how to proceed.”

Not only the best education and specialist industry knowledge, but greater value for money than any other course.

Make-up Effects Group is an internationally renowned and award winning

Special Make-up Effects Studio. Film credits include: Prince Caspian, Laundry Warrior, Man Thing, The Matrix Trilogy, Double Vision and Two Hands.

Enrolment for January 2009 Master Classes has already begun. Only a few positions are available.

For more information contact Louise on 0410 602 120 or Check out details on our website,

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