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Pedro TV is a Youtube channel based in the thriving arts scene of the inner west. Rather than being based on desires to make bucketloads of cash, the motive has been described by Peter McGuiness as “initially an archive to put short films about paintings, exhibitions and that sort of thing online.” So rather than being sold out with advertising and sponsorship, Pedro TV gives an honest account, unbiased interviews, artistic vision and a fresh perspective on the grass-roots art and arts scene of Marrickville, Newtown and the surrounding suburbs.

Based around the Vanishing Point art gallery in Newtown, Pedro TV is based on humble, honest motives. “I realised it would be a good idea to archive the art scene in the inner west, all of the artist and painters. Then I started doing music videos, I just finished one for a guy in L.A,” says Peter. “I’d like to pursue the music video thing very much. I also just love going to galleries, like the Wilson Street gallery or the Shepherd Gallery.” “I really like meeting people I don’t know, actually. Just going straight in to an interview and hearing about their work, finding out where people get their inspiriation from.”

Peter’s background is in art, so his interviews do benefit from having a deep understanding of the subject matter. However, recently the addition of a camera and some nice opportunities have turned his eyes towards music. “I’ve been painting now for ten or so years, I’m a painter and collagist. Then I got a camera with a Marrickville council grant to do an exhibition and film. It was all from the idea of putting a slideshow of my paintings to music and I thought, hey, I really like moving pictures.”

So armed with his camera and keen interest in artistry of all kinds, he says that the medium of video is important for artists of all kinds and is hoping people will start to really embrace it in order to enhance communication between members of the art scene. “It’s handy for painters because often you just send images [to curators] and you don’t get a feel for the person.”

“I’d like to do more music videos of original music with bands,” he tells me. “Specifically around the inner west.” With a real love of art, artists, communication and this city, it seems that Pedro TV could be one of the few people out there who isn’t out to rape artists for their money, legitimacy and integrity to make a few bucks. Which is nice, really. Armed with a moving-picture-device, sturdy morals and a sense of creativity, Peter makes a good case for the rest of us to start taking video a bit more seriously, given that we live in an increasingly visual world.

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