Politically incorrect ? – Your favourite clips from Red Bull

You know how every other TV commercial these days is trying to use that ‘weird and wacky humour’ to get the attention of us ‘youths’ in the ‘youth market’…

And you know how often they totally miss the mark and create something that’s more lame and painful to watch rather than it is entertaining…

You can’t fake that sense of fun and craziness, that sort of kooky humour which comes up with the idea of a Flutag race into Darling Harbour. That’s why when Red Bull put out their audacious ads they’re actually funny and often end up being banned from television.

They’re kind of like that friend everyone has, the one who has the best jokes, but they’re so politically incorrect you don’t wanna laugh out-loud, but yet you can’t help yourself.

Enjoy this little selection of our favourite clips from Red Bull.

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