Schwing! A Wayne’s World Pop-Up Bar Is Coming To Sydney

The Baberaham Lincoln of pop-up bars is about to open in Sydney. The Wayne’s World-themed watering hole, dubbed ‘Whiskey Jerx’, is the mega, copious, capacious, cajunga brainchild of three local bartenders with a mutual love of Mike Myers’ and Dana Carvey’s 1992 cult movie classic.

Ben Blair, Reece Griffiths and Lee Potter Cavanagh’s temporary tavern will form a totally amazing, excellent discovery for thirsty punters passing by Oxford Circus from Wednesday, February 18th until April 22nd.

The jerx trio’s dream is becoming a reality courtesy of their winning last year’s annual Monkey Shoulder bartending competition, which scored them stock, marketing support and cashola to bankroll the pop-up.

“Essentially we’re taking inspiration from the soda jerks from back in the day, that’s where the name comes from. It’s a little bit tongue-in-cheek,” Cavanagh told Australian Bartender. “We all had similar interests growing up, you know, we all liked rock and roll, we were all in bands, so we wanted to reference that as well.”

While the top level of the site, which was once the home of the Gay Bar and Ruby Rabbit, will remain uber classy and serve a list of the lads’ top favourite whiskies and cocktails, the lower floor will be decked out just like Wayne’s bodacious basement (only that’s not Wayne’s basement… isn’t that weird?).

And as for the soundtrack? “The music is pretty much inspired by the Wayne’s World era and our youths,” Cavanagh added. “So rock and roll, some punk — not this country, Americana worship.”

No Stairway though, denied.

Whisky Jerx will be open for just over two months at the Darlinghurst venue and you can check out the official Facebook page here.

Party on, Sydney.

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