Someone Just Bought The Rights To The Doge Meme For *Checks Notes* $5.7 Million

The Doge meme is officially the most expensive meme on the internet, after its NFT (non-fungible token) sold for a whopping $5.7 million dollarydoos.

Such spend. Very price. Wow.

Atsuko Sato, the owner of the meme’s iconic canine muse Kabosu, put the rights up for auction earlier this week, kicking off a three-day bidding war before the NFT finally sold for a winning bid of 1,696.9 Ethereum.

That’s a type of cryptocurrency which, according to the Doge auction site itself, at the time of writing equates to around USD $4.4 million (or roughly AUD $5.7 million).

Part of the proceeds of the record-breaking sale will be donated to charity, including the Japanese Red Cross Society and the World Food Programme.

Very philanthropy.

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