Watch: Interactive Old Spice Muscle Music Viral Clip Feat. Terry Crews

The fragrance institution Old Spice are absolute masters of the online realm. Even if you scroll through the company’s offical Twitter account, you’ll find some funny stuff, though it’s probably safe to say that their latest viral campaign is their best digital effort yet.

The clip shows everybody’s favourite Terry Crews, cabled up to a whole lot of instruments through receivers attached to various muscles. Every time he flexes an individual muscle, an instrument gets played. I’m making it sound boring: it’s the sort of thing you need to check out. I have done no research as to whether or not it’s real because I’ll be pretty gutted if it isn’t.

Oh, and the best part is, at the end you can control the muscles with associated keys on your keyboard, so you too can use Terry Crews’ rig to make sweet, sweet music.

Old Spice is no stranger to out-of-the-box marketing ideas. Back in 2010 the company’s spokesperson and poster boy, Isaiah Mustafa, personally addressed those who hit up the Old Space Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts in a marketing stunt they labelled as “talking to the internet”, with hilarious results.

Check it out below.

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